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Tuesday, September 25, 2018
8:42:31 PM
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LAPD GOALS 2016 - 2020

Charlie Beck, Chief of Police
Los Angeles Police Department

It is with great enthusiasm and pride that I present to our great city of Los Angeles
the first volume of LAPD's Strategic Plan,LAPD in 2020. This plan is more than
a document it sets out our vision for an even stronger, more effective, and more
collaborative LAPD of the future. The development of our collective vision for the LAPD
has been marked with an unprecedented degree of inclusion and collaboration, bringing
in internal and external stakeholders and researching concepts, ideas, and best practices.

The profession of American law enforcement finds itself at a defining moment in
its history in no uncertain terms, we are facing a crisis of confidence between the
protectors and the protected. As Angelenos, we face this moment with the strength
and confidence of knowing that we have the will and the skill required to overcome
our challenges and achieve success. We will work collaboratively to redefine the
bottom line of policing one that reflects local priorities and is rooted in trust and
confidence of those we serve.

Our Strategic Plan reflects Mayor Garcetti's priority outcomes and details how the
LAPD will contribute to making Los Angeles a safe, prosperous, livable sustainable,
and well-run city. We at LAPD realize that our role is more than crime reduction
rather it is one of community leadership. As the largest department in the city family
with a significant presence in all communities of Los Angeles, we recognize our
position as a major partner in assisting our brother and sister agencies to improve
safety, confidence, and quality of life for all Angelenos.

On behalf of my senior leadership team, you have our commitment that we will bring
a rigorous and disciplined focus to implementing the actions and fulfilling the vision
contained in this Strategic Plan. Reflecting this commitment, we have established a
Strategy Execution Team that will report directly to my Chief of Staff. This dynamic
team will immediately begin tracking progress against our strategic goals, will drive
relentless focus on outcomes, and will provide me with real-time updates.
Our journey to an even safer, more livable, and more prosperous Los Angeles has
already begun, and we are excited to be a part of it.

Charlie Beck

Chief of Police, Los Angeles Police Department