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Saturday, October 20, 2018
4:11:26 AM
Van Nuys Community Police Advisory Board Committees
Structure and Responsibilities
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C-PAB Committees

Youth Programs Committee

The mission of the YPC is to assist each of LAPD’s Youth Programs (the Juvenile Impact, Jeopardy and Cadet Programs) and offer strategic support based on individual programs specific needs.  Our work is focused on one program at a time, collaborating with the Youth Program Officers and includes heavy interaction with the kids.   We concur with LAPD’s strong commitment to these kids as we know they are our future!

Currently, YPC efforts are focused on Juvenile Impact Program.

Juvenile Impact Program is a 12-week intervention program intended for at-risk youth between the ages of 9 and 17 years old who have discipline or behavioral problems. Most of the students come from under-served communities and are referred by Juvenile Court, law enforcement officers, school officials or parents. In addition to intense physical training, the students participate in classroom instruction that includes guest speakers, writing assignments and one-on-one sessions with certified teachers and counselors to discuss personal issues that are affecting them. Mandatory parenting classes are also a part of the program as parents themselves receive training on how to communicate with their children as well as address their own personal issues and challenges. YPC is providing JIP students with:

In addition, YPC is developing a methodology to calculate JIP’s short and long-term success rate so that the LAPD may focus its attention on which aspects of the program need further development.

Other programs supported by YPC:

The Jeopardy Program is an ongoing prevention/intervention program for boys and girls ages 8 through 17. Jeopardy works with community leaders, neighborhood schools and the police department to effect positive, lifelong attitudinal changes in these students, imparting each and everyone of their ability to have a positive impact on their community.

Jeopardy targets “at risk” children, offering a variety of after-school educational and physical programs, from tutoring to martial arts. Mentoring and parenting classes are also offered.

LAPD Cadets The Los Angeles Police Cadets (formerly “Explorers”) Program has been a very successful youth program. The purpose of the Cadet program is to provide special training to the youth that are preparing themselves for a career in law enforcement.

Goals of the Cadet Program are to recruit young men and women (ages 14-21) to prepare them for future careers in law enforcement, encourage them toward being contributing citizens to their community, and developing positive relationships between the police and the youth.

Van Nuys Boulevard Rejuvenation Committee

The Van Nuys Blvd Rejuvenation Committee was organized to bring the once vibrant Van Nuys Boulevard back as a destination for walking, dining and shopping. Our goal is to enhance safety and address quality of life issues. Through community empowerment we will be addressing all aspects which effect blight and crime. Our short term goal is to bring safety and security, and our long term goal is to bring economic recovery.

Outreach and Membership Committee

There is no place in the world quite like Los Angeles. It is a city so wide and diverse in its cultures, people and places. We have 469 square miles of unique neighborhoods, world landmarks and beautiful vistas. While it is a city built on dreams, policing its nearly four million residents can be a daunting task. It is for this reason the Community Police Advisory Board was established in 1992. The Los Angeles Police Department took the progressive step to include citizens in its mission to protect and serve. C-PAB is a board of community leaders, neighborhood watch captains, and police officials. Each police area, 22 in total, has a C-PAB that meets monthly. This partnership of civil servants and community volunteers has helped to bring LA’s crime levels down to historic lows.  We are always searching for people, to join our quest to make Los Angeles one of the safest, and most livable cities in America. The pre-requisites for joining C-PAB are simple: we are looking for volunteers who reflect our community, are committed to keeping it safe, and will give their energy, time and resource to realizing our mission.

Technology Committee

The primary goal of the Van Nuys C-PAB Technology Committee is to maintain the website that provides effective and up-to-date communication about the Van Nuys Area Los Angeles Police Department. Recognizing the role that the community has in a safe environment, LAPD is committed to communicating with everyone who lives or works in the Van Nuys Area. In addition to the using the C-PAB website as a communication tool, the LAPD sponsors Nixle, which is a system for the LAPD to email important crime alerts, and E-Policing, which allows LAPD to email newsletters, crime trends and other important information. If you would like to receive Nixle and E-Policing emails or texts, please sign up.

The secondary goal of the Technology Committee is to assist the LAPD Van Nuys Area with their acquisition of technology that can accelerate solving crimes. High tech equipment is critical in effective and efficient police work. The Technology Committee works with the Captain in identifying, researching and acquiring high tech equipment that can make a difference in solving crimes in the Van Nuys Area.

Emergency Preparedness Committee

The mission of the CPAB Emergency Preparedness Committee is to prepare ourselves and help prepare CPAB members, the LAPD Van Nuys Division and the Community for an emergency.

Emergency situations become disasters when they overwhelm the resources here to protect our community. In a disaster, city departments will do everything possible to provide assistance to residents. However, large disasters may completely overwhelm our responders with multiple incidents and competing public safety needs.

First responders will need to focus their efforts in the areas where they can do the most good, helping severely endangered people and heavily impacted areas first.

It is possible, even likely, that some areas may not get professional assistance for days after a disaster occurs.

C-PAB will ensure that the Van Nuys division, C-PAB members and our communities are situationally prepared and ready to assist one another in the event of an emergency.